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Welcome to Public Work Department, Govt of Rajasthan

The Public Works Department has a glorious history in the development of the state since pre independence. The department is mainly entrusted with construction and maintenance of Roads, Bridges and Govt. buildings. The department also acts as Technical Advisor to the State Government in these matters.

Initially, Irrigation, Public Health engineering were units of PWD. Subsequently these units were given separate entities to handle increased scope of work in the respective field. Since the inception of the Department, it has strived through its continuous quest for excellence and putting milestones in the feat of Engineering. It is this time that the Department is treading into a new era of information technology to keep pace with the modernization. The Public Works Department being the oldest engineering department of the State, has its well woven network even below tensile level which enables the P.W.D. to ensure the execution of a variety of jobs/tasks any where in the state.

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